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New Study Horizons is a consulting company in the field of education. We support and offer our services to students, professionals, companies and schools. The company was established to address the lack of support and advice available to students who feel the need to go abroad for personal, educational and professional purposes and cannot benefit from any assistance (exchange programs).

Our company is committed to helping universities in their internationalisation by connecting with other institutions abroad and creating strong partnerships. We encourage exchanges between participants by assisting universities in the creation and management of high-quality and academic exchange agreements. We also remain open to any requests from our partners and are willing to help for any academic projects they may have. Please contact us for any project you may have.

Members of our team are former students and have studied themselves into the United Kingdom for several years and are very familiar with the working system of its academic world. Our services and our presence in the field of education result from the synergy of our experiences and our knowledge. By allowing others to live the experience of studying abroad, we therefore want to share the benefits and reward that such an education trip will change their personality and career prospective. Also, we want to help then reaching what they could not before due to the lack of understanding, information and means.